Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shinzi Katoh Towels

I love these new Shinzi Katoh towels that were just posted for sale on Makool Loves You. There are three different styles although this one is my favorite, mostly because it encourages traveling by balloon. It says, "I would like to travel somewhere unknown." Me too!

Each towel is $27 and is made is Japan.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed!

I would totally get this vintage suitcase pet bed for my cats, but I know they would never sleep in it and then it would just depress me. However, if you have a cooperative little animal, this is the perfect bed for your pet. And it's on sale this week!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sandal Fever

Okay, so summer is half over which may not seem like the best time to buy sandals. However, when you live somewhere like Las Vegas and you can pretty much wear sandals through October, now is the perfect time to buy. I've been searching all over to find unique sandals for myself and here are some of the fun sandals I found:

1. Island Sandals. These sandals are handmade in Lahaina (Maui, Hawaii) in a couple different styles for both men and women. They are made out of real leather just for your feet. (When ordering they ask you to send in a tracing of your feet.) I love the idea of having something made specifically for your own two feet, but these sandals are a bit pricey - $185 for men's and $165 for women's.
2. Since I really liked the Island Sandals but didn't want to spend so much, I did a little search on Etsy for handmade sandals. To my delight, I came across some a great shop with nothing but handmade sandals called Zuzsi. Currently the shop is selling two different styles, the Gladiator and the Huarache. One thing I love about the Gladiator style (seen above) is that you can tie them just about any way you want creating a new look each time you wear them. But the best thing, is that you can snag a pair of these handmade sandals for only $45.
3. Yellow sandals from Sandal Suoon. These are perfect summer sandals that will add a little spunk to any outfit. They can be ordered in different sizes and colors. Priced at $32.59. Random price, I know.

4. Woven sandals from Norasma. These neutral tone sandals can be worn with shorts or a cute sundress and are priced at only $15. Also, Norasma has some other great vintage finds and handmade products in her shop.
5. For those of you who don't live in Vegas and have seasons such as fall, now is a great time to find summer stuff on sale including, of course, sandals. JBandMe is having one such sale, offering 40% off most of their sandals. They are also having a sale on select denim and tops.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cosa Verde

So, I might be really behind, but I just discovered this awesome online, eco-friendly shopping haven called Cosa Verde. They sell items from some clothing lines that I already love like Zelaya and Bird Apparel as well as items from clothing lines that I'm sure I'll grow to love. The dress above is from Tortilla Girl, a designer that I discovered via Cosa Verde and absolutely love. You can buy her stuff on Cosa Verde or visit her Etsy shop for more items. She is also currently having a summer sale (yay!) at her Etsy shop, so if you like her stuff, be sure to check it out.

In addition to clothing, Cosa Verde sells eco-friendly jewelry, home goods, baby and kid stuff, supplies and much more.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet Deals: Lucky Magazine

Every month, I look forward to Lucky Magazine coming in the mail. This month, of course, was no different. They always have great deals at the back of the magazine called "Lucky Breaks" and this month they have a deal on one of my favorite eco-friendly clothing lines - Stewart + Brown. Now through September 1, enter "luckybreaks10" at checfkout and save 35% on your order. In addition to the 35% off on regularly priced items, there are tons of great items in the sale section which you can get an additional 30% off by enterting "salesale" at checkout. (If you are combining sale and regularly priced items you will need to make two orders to get both discounts.)

So, what are you waiting for?
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